Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dr. Tim Fischell Speaks to HBA About Fitness, Diet

Dr. Tim Fischell, left, autographs a copy of his book for Sean Willis as Dale Shugars looks on. Fischell spoke at the HBA’s general membership meeting in April. He spoke about the importance of fitness and diet as part of a person’s overall health.
Dr. Tim A. Fischell, M.D., was welcomed as guest speaker at the Home Builders Association’s general monthly meeting, April 9, at the WMU Fetzer Center. He spoke about his published book Burn Calories While You Sleep, Change Your Metabolism and Be Thin, Fit, Healthy and Live Longer. Dr. Fischell lives in Kalamazoo and is currently affiliated with Borgess Health System.
He emphasized on the obesity epidemic in America and how we need to change the way we think about eating. “First you need to understand why you’re gaining weight.” He joked about how “salads aren’t healthy with eight ounces of fatty dressing on them,” he said.
He gives 10 key rules about food and eating. Number one: “If you are not hungry, don’t eat!” Most of what he talks about is just common sense. We have all been told not to eat if we are not hungry, but as he also said “our parents always said, clean your plate or you’ll get no dessert.”
Which leads into his rule number two: “When you’re full, you’re done!” He shared his secret recipe for half-the-calorie French fries: “Take half your French fries and throw them away!” And number three: “Dessert is not a reward for breaking Rule 2.”
In his book, he also has a few simple tips about food and eating. In closing he closing he said “Teach this to your children, this is how we stop the obesity epidemic in this country!”
Dr. Fischell also noted that a person’s metabolism slows down as he or she becomes older because we lose muscle mass as we age. He recommends adding activities into your fitness routine that will add muscle mass.

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